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Based on site analytics, the following is the ranking of the all-time most popular posts to the blog.

1. Playing the Online Hero, Offline* – February 2014
A new study suggests that pretending to be a superhero can make you behave more heroically in real life, but this idea is actually nothing new.

2. Suspended in Time – October 2010
In 1940 Madame de Florian left her apartment in Paris during the Nazi invasion and never returned, leaving us an astonishing time capsule of her life.

3. Is A Leonardo Worth Destroying For? – March 2012
The possible rediscovery of a fresco by Leonardo da Vinci in Florence raises some tough questions about artistic value and historic preservation.

4. One Is Never Enough* – September 2012
On the lingering allure of old books, and the wonderful shops that sell them.

5. The Honeymoon’s (Almost) Over – February 2014
The release of a new U.N. report may signal that the left is beginning to turn on Pope Francis.

6. Conjuring the ’90′s: 7 Thoughts on The Vatican’s “New” Website – April 2014
Unfortunately, the newly-relaunched Vatican website is even worse than the old one, if that were possible.

7. In Defense of Peter Jackson: The Value of Interpretation* – December 2012
Before everyone jumps on the “Peter Jackson destroyed Tolkien” bandwagon, let’s all remember what cinema is.

8. The Disconcerting St. Mary Magdalen – July 2010
A disturbing image of Mary Magdalen by Donatello shows us why she’s more complex a figure than you might think.

9. Save the Sagrada Familia – October 2009
Spain decides to dig a trail tunnel under the famous Basilica of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, even at the risk of the whole thing collapsing.

10. The Monastic Roots of Western Democracy* – July 2013
How the rules St. Benedict set down for his monastic order in the 6th century changed the course of participatory government.

* Selected for the “Freshly Pressed” spotlight by editors

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