How to Modify Your Child Custody Agreement

How to Modify Your Child Custody Agreement

Custody laws (judges order custody) may be changed by your divorce or separation from your partner. (See a sample of a custody decree.) Once your case is final, your parenting plan will be made. But, if your circumstances change, you may wish to modify your parenting plan. If you wish to make the modification, you will need to complete a form custody modification and tell your lawyer.

The questions are supposed to be short and easy, and the forms are supposed to be easy. But it can take months to get your case back to court because of the massive backlog of cases in Massachusetts. You have to fill out a number of forms and appear in court. If your new circumstances change, you would have to fill out a new form and go back to court.

The legal process for making Custody attorney Houston child cusrtody law firm agreement is a mess. It is hard to find forms. The forms are confusing. The forms are a mess. And, you have to repeat the process over and over.

If you think you can make your own parenting plan for yourself, your lawyer should help you. If you just have no idea what to do, talk to a lawyer. We all do not understand the legal system and how it works.

Make Your Own Custody Plan

You and your partner decide what is best for your child and create a custody plan. You write down what you would like to happen. You can do this on paper, online, in a spreadsheet, or on a piece of paper taped to your refrigerator. It is helpful to work with an aide who is following you, and you need someone who is going to be part of your life for a long time. Have them hold up the paper when you are making notes, or scrawl on it.

You can also have your aide take notes on their computer or smartphone. The aide will be able to write more, but it is easier to have something you can reference and make corrections. You can also do it online and have someone help you. You can do this with the online programs from the State.

What Happens if I Make Changes?

The court will review your custody plan for you and your partner. If either of you disagrees with some of the terms, the court will decide what is best for your child. If you and your partner agree, but your partner also wants more time with your child than you want, the court will try to work something out.

If there is some confusion with your agreement, or if there is some problem with one of the parties, the court will decide which parent gets custody and what is more important. It is also important for your partner to agree that if there is a major change in circumstances, your partner will let you know.