Finding The Best Federal Criminal Defense Attorney

You need an attorney who understands federal criminal law if you are under investigation for a federal crime or are charged with a federal crime. Not all criminal defense attorneys are prepared to defend you in a federal criminal case. In addition, federal sentencing rules are much stricter than most state rules. Although there is a time off for good behavior, it is not essential, and you can expect to serve most of your sentence.

When a person hires a qualified federal criminal defense attorney, there are a few things you need to do immediately. First, you need to determine the course of the case. Your lawyer should be ready to file a case and investigate immediately if you are charged. When you are under investigation and have not yet been charged, it is still possible to avoid criminal charges.

The step for a qualified lawyer is to determine a possible sentence. It is more than just looking at the charter. A qualified lawyer will also check your criminal history and determine if any mitigating factors could reduce your potential sentence or aggravating circumstances that could increase your sentence. It is essential because it is the cornerstone of effective federal & state criminal defense.


To create a compelling case strategy, your lawyer must be able to predict to what extent you will be subject to federal sentencing rules. Your lawyer should base your case strategy on the risks you face in the case. If your attorney understands federal sentencing rules, they can talk to you about the pros and cons of various strategies versus the risks involved in the case.

Don’t choose a lawyer who is afraid to go to court. A lawyer afraid to go to court will not be able to defend you or protect your rights, which is exactly what you want from a federal criminal defense lawyer. A federal criminal lawyer who says he always goes to court puts you at risk, especially if he is seeking a high sentence under federal rules.

The bottom line is that you need a lawyer who can significantly reduce your sentence or defend you before a judge and jury. If a lawyer can’t do both for you, that lawyer puts you at risk of spending much more time in federal prison than you need.


You must do everything possible to get the best federal criminal defense attorney. Your attorney can take some of that stress off, tell you your options, explain the risks, and fight for you every step.