​Waiting To Change: An Update

I hope you had a blessed and happy Easter. Mine was so unbelievably full of activity, that by the time I got to evening on Easter Sunday, I was so exhausted that I’d made myself ill. I can well understand why in many countries, Easter Monday is a public holiday.

You’ll recall that a few weeks ago, I wrote about wanting to make some significant changes here, and I’m very grateful to those who responded with their thoughts and suggestions. As it turns out, things have been moving in an entirely unanticipated direction over the last few weeks, thanks to some opportunities coming my way from very encouraging people. While I can’t make any announcements until everything is finalized, I can say that I won’t be going away, I’ll just be moving to a new home – er…homes.

Most of you who honor me by subscribing to this blog tend to fall into two categories: those mainly interested in Catholic culture, and those mainly interested in secular culture. Some of you came to know me many years ago, as a result of many kind people in the Catholic media community taking an interest in my work and allowing me to share my thoughts with their audiences. Others of you may only know me from more recent years, when once again a number of good-hearted people in the world of secular media have helped me to become better known to their readers. I’m indescribably grateful to find myself in this position, with a great diversity of subscribers, followers, and engagers.

However, over the past two years it’s become very difficult for me to express my interests in both the sacred and the profane through a single, self-sustained media outlet. Everything on this site comes down to me: content, editing, layout, publication, distribution, marketing, feedback, etc. All of this is time consuming, and I don’t do media for a living. I don’t have minions, and no one pays me to write this blog; any advertisements that you see here are making money for WordPress, not yours truly. At the same time, I’ve gotten so used to being a one-man band, that I’ve been reluctant to consider yielding control over my work to someone else.

But listening to Mac Barron last evening talk about a new job he’s taking, and how he’s happier and more productive when he’s given structure, really hit home for me. His observation reminded me of a conversation I had near the beginning of this process, with someone whose experience in and opinions on media I very much respect. He pointed out that I, too, seem to do better when I’m given structure, instead of trying to create everything myself. And that’s absolutely right: I’m a lists and research guy, not a seat-of-the-pants guy.

So, for those of you mainly interested in my commentary on Catholic matters, you’ll be able to read and engage on a far more regular basis than you have lately, and in a forum which you are probably already visit regularly. For those here primarily for the arty-farty stuff, you’ll have a brand-new product from a familiar brand which will give you what you’re already coming here for and even a bit more, which will hopefully serve as a practical resource. For those of you who stop by for both, well, pretty soon you’ll have double the pleasure, or displeasure, depending on your view of my scribblings.

Of course, this isn’t last call just yet. I’ll give plenty of actual notice before this old blog gets put out to pasture. But if you can, please keep these upcoming changes in your thoughts and prayers, and thanks for your continued support.

6 thoughts on “​Waiting To Change: An Update

  1. Wishing you all the best with discernment and taking on these endeavors. No better time than Easter Season for newbeginnings.
    It’s always a blessing to see those graced with a strong enough stomach and a diversified enough palette that can both consume and appreciate the finer things in life in a particularly omnnibibulous way finding themselves hopping over the bar with confidence enough to make sorted and studied use of proper and fitting shelving and space to sort their spirits and serve them up for others in an even more studied, more particular, more wondrous fashion toward those who have rallied around the establishment they frequent.
    Pax et BonumBilly!


  2. Oh, the suspense is KILLING me!
    On Tue, Apr 18, 2017 at 9:48 AM, Blog of the Courtier wrote:
    > William Newton posted: “I hope you had a blessed and happy Easter. Mine > was so unbelievably full of activity, that by the time I got to evening on > Easter Sunday, I was so exhausted that I’d made myself ill. I can well > understand why in many countries, Easter Monday is a public h” >


  3. Well, I have only followed your blog for about 2 weeks, and the fusion of ‘Catholic’ and ‘Art’ has been a very good approach for my tastes. The two do mix well in many aspects – starting with religious art. Having spent the last week in Andalucia (short family holiday) showing my adult children the processions, the churches in both contexts at once (Zurbaran, Murillo, and much more but also the inspirations both for the artists and the patrons). The separation sounds like an interesting journey – will watch & the best of luck !


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