Boycotting Bastille Day

This being that horror of horrors known as Bastille Day, which I refuse to celebrate, I refer the reader to an archival post regarding the last letter of Queen Marie Antoinette, a letter which was written shortly before her execution. The picture below shows the cell of Marie Antoinette (with a waxwork figure of the Queen in her widow’s weeds) in the prison of the Conciergerie, Paris, where the letter was written. May she rest in peace.


4 thoughts on “Boycotting Bastille Day

  1. It’s frightening to think about where our country is heading as we become more athiestic everyday. It is so apparent when we look at our election process and who our next president might be! I just have to be spending more time on my knees and trusting in the source of all goodness. I’ll be sure to offer a prayer for you and your ancestors at Mass today.


  2. Billy, wonderful post. I’ve been in that very room in the Conciergerie, which has been restored to look just like that painting. Where did you get the tie? I need one.


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