Hanging with the Hermit on “The Good Catholic Life”

As regular readers know, I’m part of a team working to establish a permanent Franciscan hermitage up in the Diocese of Portland, Maine, through the Friends of Little Portion Hermitage (FLPH).  The present hermit, my friend Brother Rex Anthony Norris, was recently featured in a terrific article by Sarah Reinhard in the National Catholic Register, which if you didn’t get a chance to read you should definitely check out.  This is all part of an ongoing media campaign which began with Brother Rex’ appearance on EWTN’s The Journey Home program back in April, and which has continued with guest posts from prominent Catholic writers, and now with radio and print interviews, to try to share his story and the wonderful opportunity we have to support this calling to the eremitic life in the Church.

Tomorrow afternoon – Friday, June 6th at 4pm – Brother Rex will be appearing on The Good Catholic Life radio show out of Boston, talking about his vocation and what we hope to accomplish by establishing the permanent hermitage through FLPH.  If you’re in the Boston area, you can listen to the broadcast live on 1060 AM.  You can also download the audio file later when it’s posted, but in the meantime, by visiting the show’s website you can find out how to post your questions for Brother Rex or leave feedback.

I’m really looking forward to hearing Brother Rex chat with the hosts, including people like Scot Landry and Dom Bettinelli, great guys whom I got to meet when I spoke at the Catholic New Media Conference in Boston last Fall.  Hope you can tune in to the program or download and share it later, and please prayerfully consider a donation to help make the goal of a permanent hermitage a reality!  If you are the host of a media program yourself, or know someone who is, I’d also ask you to get in contact if you’d be interested in having Brother Rex appear on your program.  We’d love to get as much support for this effort as we can, and as you’ll hear, Brother Rex is a smart, funny, and inspiring guest – and of course, be sure to “Like” us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!


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