God, Heroism, and the Call of Duty

Like many men who never quite grow out of their boyhood interests – and why should you? – I’m still drawn to certain stories of heroism.  With great interest, I can still become absorbed in tales of scientific adventurers exploring the cosmos or long-forgotten civilizations here at home, knights in shining armor or shining spandex fighting villains and monsters who seek to destroy the innocent, and so on.  Yet on the whole, I must confess, I’ve never been particularly drawn to war stories as a genre, whether of writing or filmmaking.  Perhaps because it’s all a bit too real to take.

There are exceptions to that however, and one of them is the story of a Kansas-born priest, Father Emil Kapuan, the most highly decorated chaplain in U.S. military history.  Father Kapuan was imprisoned by Chinese leftists during the Korean War, but managed to comfort and save the lives of others while being tortured and humiliated in a brutal prisoner of war camp.  Today, in aid of the Friends of Little Portion Hermitage, author and speaker Chris Stefanick tells the story of Father Kapuan, whose courage and virtue frankly makes most of us men look like little more than schoolboys by comparison.

While you’re over at the FLPH site, feel free to leave a prayer request for Brother Rex, ashe loves receiving them, and won’t you consider making a donation to help us build him and his successors a hermitage? And please share the site with anyone you think may be able to help.  The site features inspirational quotes and posts from many Catholic writers and speakers, as well as Brother Rex’s daily posts of quotations to reflect upon and inspire you in your journey of faith. Thanks for your support and your generosity!

Servant of God Father Emil Kapuan (1916-1951)

Servant of God Father Emil Kapuan (1916-1951)

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