For Readers: A (Word)Pressing Question

Over the weekend, one of my very regular readers and commenters pointed out that The Courtier has had the same look since it switched over to WordPress three years ago.  They suggested it might be time for an update, particularly because they have had difficulty reading these pages due to the light text on a dark background.  By way of explanation, I should point out that the darker color scheme of browns, grays, and blacks was deliberately chosen to reference the colors in Raphael’s famous portrait now in The Louvre of this blog’s patron and inspiration, Count Baldassare Castiglione (those are Castiglione’s hands you see in the masthead and blog icon.)

However, far be it from me to appear inflexible before you, gentle reader, so we’re going to have a little poll. Do you like the way things look here now, or would you prefer to see some changes?  Please take a moment to vote below, and I’ll report back on the results at the end of the week. And as always, thank you for your continued readership and feedback.



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