Tomorrow: Celebrate SQPN’s Catholic Weekend Episode 200!

Tomorrow, Saturday November 30th, beginning around 10am Eastern, we will be recording the 200th episode of the Catholic Weekend show on SQPN, and I hope you can join us!

Catholic Weekend is a community-based show, in which we regulars and our guests discuss what is going on around the world and at home, with a lot of laughter and humor interspersed with our more serious discussions.  During the recording of the program our viewers/listeners get to watch us recording on the Catholic Weekend homepage via livestream video feed.  They can also participate with us and other listeners in a dedicated chatroom on the site, which we often check and refer to during the broadcast.

To mark the occasion, we are asking our listeners and past guests to send in feedback recalling some of their favorite memories of the show over the past 200 episodes.  You can do so in the form of audio files, voicemail, or email:

Audio Files/Email:

Voicemail Feedback Line: (862) 200-SQPN

If you have never caught an episode of Catholic Weekend before, tomorrow would be a great time to drop by.  Even if you are not Catholic, over the last few years there have been a number of very memorable moments on the show, in terms of guests, stories, and even just plain silliness, which you may enjoy listening to.  This anniversary episode will give a great overview of what we try to do at SQPN to create an online community, particularly through this program where listeners and viewers can join in regularly, or just dip into when they have time.  Even if you can’t stay for the whole show, video of the episode will be uploaded to the Catholic Weekend YouTube page so you can watch it later, and the edited audio of the podcast will be made available in iTunes.

I have been tremendously grateful for the opportunity to co-host Catholic Weekend for nearly two years now, as it has given me the chance to meet many smart, fascinating people, who do their best to integrate their Catholic faith into their daily lives.  It’s hard for me to believe it’s been that long already, particularly since I started out just as a listener downloading the podcast and periodically sending in feedback.  I certainly never intended to get involved in putting out a weekly show, but obviously Someone Upstairs had other plans.

So this is a good time for me to take a moment to thank Father Roderick Vonhögen, our CEO at SQPN, and my co-hosts Jeff Nielsen, Maria Johnson, Steve Nelson, and Angela Sealana, for not only becoming my friends, but continuing to prove themselves wonderful resources for fun, inspiration, encouragement, and growth.  It is not easy to be a Catholic in the present age, when practicing the Christian faith is something so much of the world does not like or understand.  Yet knowing there are good people doing their best to struggle along with you, makes this show and the relationships which have grown out of it very special to me indeed.

Thank you all, for the great experiences we’ve shared so far, and Happy 200th to Catholic Weekend!


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