A Word to Clergy and Religious for #IStandWithThomasPetersDay

Following on from my post yesterday about #IStandWithThomasPeters day tomorrow on social media, I want to take a moment to speak to the clergy and religious who read these pages.

As you know we are asking for support for Catholic blogger, author, and speaker Thomas Peters, who was seriously injured a few months ago and now faces a long and uncertain road of recovery.  I know that many of those in the priesthood and consecrated life are well-aware of the years of work Thomas has done on behalf of the Church. I also are very much aware that many of you take vows of poverty, and even those of you who do not generally do not have much if any disposable income.

However one of the central aspects of what we are trying to achieve tomorrow is to encourage prayer for Thomas’ recovery, to whatever extent Our Lord decides that recovery should proceed, so that he can get back to one of the most important aspects of what he does: speaking up on behalf of the Church.

To that end, so far over a dozen priests around the world have written to say that they will be including Thomas in their mass intentions for tomorrow.  Now I know, many of you in parochial settings have to offer your mass intention tomorrow for someone in your parish community who has asked for prayers for a specific need.  Things are already on the schedule, as it were.  What I would ask those of you in these situations then, is to consider whether there might be some other time during the day tomorrow, when you can pray for Thomas and for the success of this campaign to support him and his family.

This naturally leads me to those of you who are consecrated religious – nuns and monks, friars and sisters (and even a Franciscan hermit with whom I am very familiar.)  It would be wonderful if you could speak to your community about including Thomas in your community’s prayers at some point tomorrow, where you normally would mention your intentions.  For example, I know several orders will mention their personal and community intentions before going into the refectory for dinner.

Your support in these times means a great deal to Thomas and his family, as he continues to recover from his injuries.  It would be wonderful to hear from you on social media or in an email tomorrow about what your parish or community is doing, if you choose to help us out. As someone educated by the Dominicans and an earnest champion of the teachings of the Church, Thomas is someone who cares deeply about the good work that you do, and wants to be back out there again speaking to it and encouraging it.

Thank you for your consideration, and God bless!


Refectory at the Poor Clares of Santa Maria de Pedralbes, Barcelona

6 thoughts on “A Word to Clergy and Religious for #IStandWithThomasPetersDay

  1. Our periods of Eucharistic Adoration on Nov 14 will include specific intentions for the continued healing of Mr. Peters and that grace in abundance to be poured upon him and his family so that together with Jesus they can carry on through this challenging period of their journey.


  2. I’m happy to ask the sisters in our Provincial house to join you all in intercessory prayer. We keep the Lord company all day in Eucharistic Adoration on Thursdays, and many sisters make it a point to read the most recent prayer intentions before entering chapel. May the Lord grant abundant healing graces.


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