This Thursday 11/14: I Stand with Thomas Peters Day

As regular readers of this blog and listeners to the show are no doubt well-aware, blogger, author, and speaker Thomas Peters was critically injured in a swimming accident in July, from which he is still recovering.  Now that he can finally live at home while continuing to receive the care and therapy he needs to continue his recovery, the next challenge in this challenging period has begun.  However until now, there has not been a coordinated effort to reach out to the online community, to which Thomas has been a vibrant and active contributor, ever since he began the American Papist blog way back in 2006.

Therefore, gentle reader, I am personally reaching out to you to ask for your help on behalf of Thomas this coming Thursday, November 14th . To find out how you can get involved, please follow this link to the Thomas Peters Recovery Blog.  There you will find ways to help out through prayer, donations, and social media.

I myself for example, will be changing all the graphics of my social media accounts on  Thursday, using the Facebook and Twitter graphics which were custom-designed for the day, and also posting hashtag status messages using #IStandWithThomasPeters on my accounts – in fact there are pre-written status updates on the Recovery Blog using that hashtag which you can just copy and paste to your feed or wall.  I will also be contributing a blog post for your consideration, sharing some of my own reflections on the past few months.  I know other bloggers out there on the interwebz have promised to do the same, so please keep your eyes out for them this Thursday, and share those posts with your friends and followers if you find them worthwhile.

For now however, I will direct you back to the words of the man himself.  Thomas wrote this using just the knuckle of his right pinkie, in his first blog post since the accident.  It speaks far better than I possibly could to his nature: who he is, and what truly matters to him, even as he faces a future full of unknowns.

Thomas has brought so much to the table in his use of social media over the years, that if we are truly an online “community”, then those of us who use social media to engage with others can show that there is more to being online than simply voicing our opinions on politics, posting pictures with murky filters, or talking about bacon.  Let’s all take this opportunity, together, this Thursday to actually *DO* something for a member of the online community, who really does need our help, by using these amazing communication tools at our disposal.  Thank you!


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