Flying Up to Boston: CNMC 2013

Tomorrow morning I head to Boston to speak at this weekend’s  Catholic New Media Conference (“CNMC”), sponsored by the Catholic new media pioneers over at the Star Quest Production Network (“SQPN”).  The CNMC is aptly described as “the world’s leading conference about Catholic new media and evangelization, bringing together people from all over the world to learn and to share their experiences.”  There will be a number of great speakers, and the chance to meet people interested in and working in new media from around the country and indeed around the world.  You can read more about the CNMC by following this link, and about SQPN by following this link.

Regular readers know that for almost two years now, I have been a co-host of the Catholic Weekend show on  Catholic Weekend is a weekly podcast for the network community covering news, current events, and cultural issues from a Catholic perspective, mixing in both serious discussion and laugh-out-loud humor. I am deeply honored that SQPN has asked me to moderate the closing panel of the conference, and promise to do my best to bring out my Dick Cavett/Charlie Rose abilities in service thereof.

I am really looking forward to meeting people whom I have read, listened to,  and/or interacted with via new media for years, and to catch up with old friends made long ago through social media whom I do not get to see as often as I would wish.  In fact it feels more like I am going to a reunion of old friends, rather than  something completely foreign.  I hope to take away a lot of valuable information about how I can make the content I produce, like this blog, better for my readers, listeners, and followers.

Friday night there will be a tweep-up for those of you in the Boston area at JJ Foley’s Irish Pub in the South End of Bostons at 7 pm, co-hosted by the fabulous Sarah Vabulas of and “Towering” Tom Pringle of  The main events will be held all day Saturday for general attendees, while on Sunday there will be some special events for those who are attending via the V.I.P. ticket.  For those of you who cannot attend the CNMC but are interested in hearing the content of the conference, you can purchase a virtual ticket on the CNMC website linked to above.

Also on Saturday, for fans of the Catholic Weekend show, the plan at the moment is to set up a live-streaming station outside of the conference for a few hours in the morning.  That way we co-hosts of the show can take turns sitting down and talking about what we’re hearing and seeing.  We may even grab an unsuspecting conference attendee or two for a chat in front of the cameras.  Just go to the Catholic Weekend site linked to above on Saturday morning, and refresh as necessary; there will be people in the chat room who can tell you the rest once you get there.

For those of you who are not attending or participating, I would ask your prayers for the guidance of the Holy Spirit in the discussions and work that will be taking place this weekend, not only in the CNMC salons but in the hallways and other meeting places where the participants will be getting together to share their views.  So much needs to be done to speak about the importance of creating a culture of life and virtue in a world which has increasingly turned its back on such things to embrace materialism and secularism.  We need to pray that His Providence will be able to use us, unworthy instruments though we are, to once more be able to reach out into this hurt and diseased world in order to heal it.

Tabernacle (Eucharistic Pyx) from Spain at Bethany Chapel
Archdiocesan Pastoral Center, Boston

5 thoughts on “Flying Up to Boston: CNMC 2013

  1. I love reading your blog! As an iconographer committed to healing our culture through contemporary Holy images, I particularly liked the recent blog about the art world. So true!
    Blessings on the Boston trip! Christine Hales


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