Benefit Concert in DC Tonight for Thomas Peters

Gentle reader, should you happen to be in the Washington, DC area, or know who are, join me this evening at 6pm at the Catholic Information Center on 15th and K Streets, NW, for a first event to help support Thomas and Natalie Peters.  As my regular readers and followers know, Mr. Peters, aka the American Papist in the blogosphere, was seriously injured in an accident four weeks ago.  Tonight will be a chance for engaging in fellowship and enjoying the music of the talented young acoustic singer-songwriter Luke Spehar.  This is a very tangible way that you can get involved, and assist in the immediate needs of Mr. Peters and his family.

Please consider sharing this post with people of good will whom you know who might be interested in joining us. All are welcome to simply drop in and say hello, or to stay for the entire evening.  And even if you cannot be there, remember that you can stay up to date with Mr. Peters’ progress, and find ways you can assist spiritually or materially, by visiting the Thomas Peters Recovery site.

Thanks in advance for your support, and God bless!


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