Making The List: I’m #11!!!

Much to surprise, Monday night on From The Right (FTR) internet radio I learnt that I was voted #11 on the “2013 Sexiest Conservative Men in New Media” list.  Great big thank-you’s to sponsor FTR Radio, conservative new media maven Donlyn Turnbull of Damn Straight Politics, and her fellow judges Monica Crowley of Fox News, fearless attorney and radio host Susie Moore, blogger and supermom Jen Van Laar Knight, and new media genius Emily Zanotti, creator of the hilarious “Hey Girl, It’s Paul Ryan” meme.  Not only did they say very gracious things about me on the show – and ladies, I would point out that good French champagne goes with any meal – but they also discussed an article I wrote recently, questioning what had happened to masculinity and public decency in the wake of the Nigella Lawson scandal.  You can listen to the show episode here, and view the actual list on its temporary home here, since sadly the DSP site was attacked by hackers and is currently being rebuilt.

Last year I was honored to be nominated by a few of you, and although I didn’t make the final cut for the Top 20, the nomination itself brought me new readers and listeners for which I was very grateful.  This year, I knew I had one nomination by the time the names went to the judges, and figured that was that.  Clearly, more of my readers and listeners voted for me than I was aware of.  The fact rather astounds me, for as an initial matter I am not by any means a particularly good-looking fellow – perhaps just a tiny bit above average.

Moreover, unlike many of my fellow winners who work tirelessly to be a voice in contrast to the excesses of the Fourth Estate, I do not work in new media for living.  As a result, my output depends entirely on my own creative impulse.  To be found interesting and attractive on several levels by a number of smart, conservative women, many of whom may not even always agree with me, is deeply humbling.  It is also a joy to be on the list with several fellows who have become good friends over the last few years, including the superbly witty Neal Dewing (#10 on the list), whom I had the honor of hosting along with his lovely wife for dinner at my home just last summer.

Since clearly more of you than I realize read my writing, listen to the show, or just enjoy laughing at me dressed in a Superman suit, I want to express my appreciation for your sticking around, and finding something worthwhile in what I do.  I try my best to stand up for the best aspects of Western tradition, while embracing what is new and good about human creativity.  These are not always light, easily digestible subjects, so whatever I can do to get people to stop and think about these things on more than just a cursory basis, I am absolutely willing to try.

I send a hearty thanks to all of you, and promise to do my best to keep doing what I am doing!!


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