Scribbles from the Courtier

Taking a page from the multi-talented Margaret Perry over at 10kP, I felt it only fair to try to placate my readers with a few notes until I find a bit more time to write a proper blog post.  Looking at the last publication date I realize I have been remiss in writing, but when you do not write for a living – well, not this sort of material, anyway – often real life gets in the way of intellectual pursuits and ruminations.  Therefore please accept this small selection of thoughts until I have a chance to return to normal.

– One of the reasons things have been a bit out of the ordinary of late are the preparations for the upcoming wedding of a good friend.  There are many things that need doing, from the bachelor party to what happens while the couple are away on honeymoon, and this must all be completed in one’s spare time away from the office and other necessary obligations such as eating, sleeping, and attending church.  Some years ago, I rather unfortunately let down a friend of mine who was about to get married, and although our friendship had significantly faded by the time he married, it cam about through a combination of impossible circumstances which led to things ending badly between us.  So although I cannot repair the damage done there, this time I am making sure that I do things properly, hopefully with the maturity and thoughtfulness which I certainly lacked 15 years ago.

– It has been announced that there will be two – yes, TWO – Catholic New Media Conferences this year, sponsored by SQPN, the Star Quest Production Network.  For those who are unaware, for over a year now I have been a regular panelist on the “Catholic Weekend” show on the network, which is an often funny, occasionally serious, discussion of news and happenings of the week in the Catholic world.  This year’s U.S. conference will be held in Boston the weekend of October 19-20, and at least at the moment I plan to attend.  In addition, for the first time SQPN is holding a conference abroad, in Melbourne, Australia on the weekend of September 2-3.  I won’t be attending that one, but if you know of Catholics interested in new media and social media in Australia, I would encourage them to attend.

– Speaking of which, I did a major overhaul of my aggregate website, to try to make it more interesting, while still being a place to show what I have been working on.  Any feedback you can provide would be most gratefully appreciated.  I am still fidgeting around with some of the different photo choices.

– If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I am doing a series of humorous AVI’s – that’s Twitterspeak for “avatar” or “profile picture” – called “Superman at Home”, in which I don the famous suit and do rather mundane things.  For those of you who use Pinterest, you can now enjoy a gallery of these pictures for your re-pinning entertainment.  On the 1st of each month I change my Twitter avatar and pin a new picture to the Pinterest board, and so far we have seen Superman brushing his teeth, ironing his cape, and crushing his tax returns.  This all stems from my Halloween experience back in 2011, which I wrote about on this blog, though the outgrowth from that experience has turned into a great way to connect with people on social media.  So many of the things I write about on here tend to be rather heavy, and often get the comment that I was somehow intimidating when that certainly is not my intent in these pages, that I wanted to show that I do not take myself overly seriously.  I can and do laugh at myself all the time, and now you can too.


Detail of “Portrait of a Young Man with a Book” by Agnolo Bronzino  (c. 1525)
Private Collection

5 thoughts on “Scribbles from the Courtier

  1. Reading this reminded me I didn’t do a great job a few years back as best man myself. It’s a tough job and tricky to get right. It’s great you’re getting another shot and know how to get it right this time.

    And I think you should really think about that September conference, it sounds really important.


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