Taking A Write Turn

As you have probably noticed, gentle reader, this week I have not posted as often as I normally do.  There are a number of other things requiring my attention at the moment, which are going to limit the amount of free time I have for writing the type of blog posts which you have come to expect from this site.  I do not earn a living from my blogging, but rather engage in it as an outlet for some of my creative energy; as a way of encouraging a deeper appreciation for and curiosity about our culture; and adding what I hope is a reasoned, intelligent voice, from my perspective as a young-ish American practicing Catholic in the 21st century, to the ongoing debate about what direction our society is taking.

Rather than simply suspend blogging altogether, or change to writing much shorter weekday posts than is usually my wont, The Courtier is going to take a somewhat different approach.  For the time being, I will be posting on the weekends, rather than during the work week.  This will allow me to attend to affairs that need attending to, while at the same time still providing the content which you (hopefully) enjoy.

Since my blog posts are often rather involved reading, being feature-length rather than short news reports, many of you have commented that you only have time to catch up with what I have been writing on the weekends or when you get some free time.  So for those of you in that category, the change will probably be somewhat welcome.  While I know my regular weekday readers will be a bit disappointed not to have the chance to read me every morning, I can offer little solace other than to say that one must attend prudently to the business of life, in order to have time to pursue culture in one’s leisure.  And remember that there is a searchable archive of blog posts on this site going back nearly five years, which you can always turn to if you are looking for something to read.

Hopefully you will stick with me during this intermediate period, however long it may last, since it is a joy for me to have this opportunity to write and share some of my thoughts with you, as it is for me to hear from you about what you like, or disagree with, and so on.  Consider me an addition or alternative to some of the reading that you might pick up on a lazy weekend afternoon, like leafing through a commentary magazine on Saturday evening, or spreading out a big, Sunday morning paper.  And as always, thank you for your loyal readership and support.

“Chez Tortoni (Man Writing in a Cafe)” by Eduard Manet (1870)
Whereabouts Unknown: Stolen in 1990 from
Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Boston

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