The Courtier Writes for The Kernel

I hope you will forgive my absence for the past few days, gentle reader, but I have been busy with several projects and plans ahead of my trip to Barcelona on Thursday. So I am pleased to be able to make up for my silence with a very lengthy – and I hope, interesting – article on Catholics using new media, which was published this morning in a new online magazine, The Kernel.  The publication plans to introduce thoughtful commentary and reporting on technology in society, and I am honored to have been included in their first number.

Not only was I fortunate enough to be able to interview a number of people whose work online I have admired and appreciated for some time, but I hope the resulting piece will prove interesting to those in the tech community, not just the Catholic community. In addition to the article itself, which you can read here, imbedded in the piece you will be able to listen to a 15-minute interview of me by the magazine’s Managing Editor, Stephen Pritchard, about some of the themes I reported on, and also a consideration of some of the broader themes and implications for Catholics in the future as more and more of us use new media resources to reach out to one another. You may or may not agree with some of my views, but of course that is part of the conversation which I hope that you may want to engage in with others.

I want to thank Stephen, and Editor-In-Chief Milo Yiannopoulos, for giving me the opportunity to write for them in this inaugural edition of their new publication, as well as all of my fellow practitioners of popery who shared their time and their thoughts with me for the piece, including Katherine Barron, Danielle Bean, Deacon James Bradley, Lisa Hendey, Sean McCarney, Thomas Peters, Brother Innocent Smith, Father Cory Sticha, Brandon Vogt, and Matthew Warner. I am pleased that so far there has been some good feedback not only from the participants in the piece, but also on Twitter, Facebook, and in email, from friends and from people whom I do not yet know.

Whether or not I will be invited to write for The Kernel again – and one hopes that it will be the case, for they are a good bunch of people – it has been a terrific opportunity for me to write for someone else for a change, and hopefully I will be able to continue to do so from time to time for them and for others. So if you should happen to be a magazine or blog editor reading this piece, please feel free to contact me via the form on my author site, and let me know your thoughts.  I love the creative process for my own work, of course, but commissions from others can be very rewarding for the intellect as well.

On a more practical front, although I am leaving for Barcelona on Thursday, do not think that I will necessarily stop blogging during my trip there for Christmas. In theory, I will be able to blog while I am there, so stay tuned and see what happens in the meantime. Internet connections in Barcelona are, in my experience, not particularly reliable compared to the U.S., but there is always hope that I can get something out, sharing some of my experiences as I stroll about the Catalan capital enjoying the bright sunshine and excellent coffee.  I will do my best to keep my readers posted – as it were.

Detail of “Portrait of a Young Man” by Bronzino (c. 1550)
National Gallery, London

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