>La Reina Quien Salta

>I thoroughly enjoyed seeing Spain win the World Cup yesterday, after so many years of being unable to bring it together. Naturally enough, another person who clearly enjoyed yesterday’s match was Her Majesty Queen Sofia of Spain, who was in attendance at the final along with the Prince and Princess of Asturias. Earlier in the week, the Queen had paid a visit to the Spanish locker room after the team beat Germany in the semi-final, accompanied by Plácido Domingo and other Spanish dignitaries. She received an enthusiastic welcome from the players, and did not bat an eyelid when the lone scorer in that match, Carles Puyol, emerged unexpectedly from the showers covered only by a towel.

Yesterday when Andrés Iniesta scored the game’s only goal, which won the match for Spain, The Queen quite literally jumped for joy: up onto her seat in fact, as shown below. One cannot imagine other European monarchs having had the enthusiasm to do the same – and this was rather impressive feat for a lady of seventy-one years. “It was marvelous, we are absolutely delighted,” the Queen told the press afterwards about the final. “The bad thing of being here,” added her son Crown Prince Felipe, “is not seeing how everything will be there,” back in Spain.

Assuming the Spanish Royals have made it back, that loss will be remedied this evening beginning at 7:00 pm Madrid local time, when the national team will take a long parade route around the city. The route begins at the official residence of the Spanish President, and winds its way past some of the capital’s most emblematic spaces and structures, including the The Prado, the Cathedral, and the Royal Palace, for approximately two hours. The parade will finish at the Explanada del Puente del Rey, a large open-air space, where a number of Spain’s popular musicians will perform in concert. While I imagine the Queen is rather tired from her journey yesterday, no doubt she will be putting in an appearance at some point during the celebrations.

Spain’s Queen Sofia jumps onto her seat at the World Cup Final, looking down at Crown Prince Felipe and his wife Princess Letizia of Asturias (backs to the camera); a disappointed Prince William of the House of Orange is seen to the right.

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