Barcelona: Winter Wonderland

Despite the arrival of meteorological spring, this very bizarre, record-setting winter is not over yet. Mini-icebergs still dot the landscape here in Georgetown, whereas in my fantasy hometown of Barcelona, they have just been socked with their biggest snowfall in 25 years. Being a city on the Mediterranean lined with palm trees inhabited by parrots and other tropical birds, where protection from the bright sun is usually the biggest weather concern, it is understandable that the citizens have found themselves as unable to function as D.C. can be with as little as an inch of sleet.

Even though the city center only received around 4-6 inches of snow, buses stopped running and highways were declared impassable. The northern suburbs around the Collserola mountains that ring the city received even more snowfall. This has temporarily turning the squares and streets of the city into sledding grounds and skiing pistes. While I am more than ready for the arrival of spring here in the nation’s capital, I am sorry to miss the photographic opportunities of Barcelona in the snow.

Walkers this morning in Barcelona’s Holy Family Square,
a large park in front of the Sagrada Familia church

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