>Expanding Your Vocabulary

>A good Courtier keeps up with the terminology of his times, so as not to find himself perplexed when reading a news article or listening to cocktail party conversation. He particularly enjoys doing so when the terms in question have a bit of humor to them.

As a courtesy to you, dear reader, I submit the following for inclusion in your lexicon:

Lazarus Meter: A parking meter which, when you park, appears to be dead. You then leave your vehicle, congratulating yourself on having found a free parking space close to your destination. At some point during your absence however, the meter fixes itself and comes back to life, and the meter maid leaves you a parking ticket.

Sister Mary Pantsuit: A nun who does not wear the habit, favoring instead an unflattering pantsuit; often indicative of one holding questionable views on Church doctrine.

Government Name: As distinguished from one’s “Street Name”, i.e. a nickname by which an individual is referred to in one’s neighborhood, the name which appears on an individual’s birth certificate, driver’s license, or other official documentation.

Readers are welcomed and encouraged to submit their own suggestions for our mutual edification.

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