>The Dawn Patrol Takes A Breather

>It is not quite a year since I began writing this blog, and one of the reasons I decided to make a go of it was the encouragement of my friend and fellow parishioner Dawn Eden. Through our conversations and email exchanges, she learnt of my previous efforts to write on a regular basis, such as when I made an attempt to keep up a literary website while in graduate school, or the now-defunct British E-zine in which I had a regular opinion column. Dawn encouraged me to take the plunge into blogging, and has graciously linked to several pieces I have written over the past eleven months on her own blog, to draw new readers to my work when she thought it particularly interesting.

Today Dawn is announcing that her own blog is going on indefinite hiatus after more than seven years of work, so that she may have more time to pursue her graduate studies and other projects. It is not easy maintaining a regular blog even if, as in my case, you are only writing one article daily, five days a week – and Dawn is a much more frequent blogger than I. Her writing has been a vibrant witness to the truth of the Christian life, covering issues from morality to theology to her own admirable efforts to cope with a series of difficult illnesses which she has handled with a spirit of truth and graciousness.

Although I will miss her regular reports from The Dawn Patrol, Dawn will still be out and about, for those of you who may have the opportunity to meet her. In addition to her work for Americans United of Life as Senior Fellow for Publications and New Media Outreach, (where she maintains yet another blog responsibility!) she will post her upcoming appearances at her site, www.dawneden.com as they are announced. Her encouraging book, “The Thrill of the Chaste”, has been translated into many languages and led to speaking engagements all over the world. And while she needs time to study, read, and work on her Master’s thesis and prepare for PhD program applications, I know that there is another book in her that is probably itching to get out if she can find the time to write it.

God bless, Dawn, and very best wishes with your future academic and personal projects. I will always be very grateful to you for your encouragement and example in setting me to write again, after too many years of silence on my part. See you around St. Yuppie’s!


One thought on “>The Dawn Patrol Takes A Breather

  1. >I can't begin to express the gratitude that I have to Dawn for her blog, which has been very valuable to me.I'll miss her blog enormously. But I understand her decision. If it occurs to you, perhaps you could note to her that I very much appreciated her blog, and that it was personally a great help to me in my Faith's journey. May God Bless and Keep her.You too.


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