>Sr. Marla Marie and the Maronite Servants

>I happened to turn on Catholic TV.com this evening, and who should be a guest on “This Is The Day” – their evening talk show – but Sister Marla Marie Lucas. I first met Sister some months ago when she spoke at my parish of St. Stephen’s on one of our Young Adults Nights, and she joined us several times before moving up to Brooklyn. Sister moved up there to found a new religious community in the Maronite Church of the Catholic Church, called the Maronite Servants of Christ the Light.

Sister has a long road ahead of her, founding this new order, so please keep her in your prayers and drop by the website to see how things are progressing.


2 thoughts on “>Sr. Marla Marie and the Maronite Servants

  1. >Greetings from Missouri. Thanks for dropping by my place recently. Unfortunately, I’ve been out of commission of late due to work and family health crises. I hope to get back into the groove shortly. I’ve bookmarked your blog and intend to return when I have more time.Thanks for the kind words, and Cheers.R. Sherman


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