AmP News and Archbishop Chaput

As I mentioned previously on this blog, American Papist News reporter Thomas Peters and producer Alexander Buder of 32 to 63 Productions recently taped an exclusive interview with Archbishop Charles J. Chaput of Denver. This took place prior to His Excellency speaking at a book signing at the Catholic Information Center here in Washington, D.C. I was very privileged to attend and observe the interview, and also to help in a small way with the taping of Episode 1 of AmP News this weekend.

Chaput comes flat out during the course of the interview, as well as in his book, and says something which I myself have said for years: I am a Catholic first. This means that my faith has to inform the way that I think and act, in whatever part of the public square I happen to find myself. The public square after all, does not only include government buildings, but in its more catholic sense includes markets, cultural institutions, entertainments, and so forth. We are faced with a wealth of choices, but not all choices are truly acceptable options. Therein lies the importance of discernment on the part of the individual.

In any case, I have embedded the new segments below, and you can also click on over to AmP News’ YouTube channel and subscribe. And please don’t be shy. AmP News is continuing to grow, and I know that Tom and Alex would be grateful for your feedback on their work.

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