Cheers to Scott Celani

Congratulations to my OLD friend Scott Celani, who not only got married recently but was nominated for Best Male Vocalist at the Buffalo Music Awards. Scott and I have been friends for about 16 years now, starting when we would sit in the hallway of our dorm at Georgetown, smoke cigarettes and talk about music, films, women…typical thoughtful guy stuff. I remember one evening we analyzed the lyrics to Carole King’s “It’s Too Late” from “Tapestry”.

I ran into him and his future Missus one evening last December on 5th Avenue. If memory serves I was meeting friends on Park to go to dinner nearby, so it was a happy circumstance that we were both in Manhattan at the same time. I think if he had been any happier about his impending marriage, or the track his career was taking, or just on seeing me in person again after a number of years, his face would have cracked from the smile.

Scott has a number of influences in his music, so I would simply direct you to his comprehensive MySpace page. Here you can get information on where he and his band are playing, as well as sample some of his work. I particularly draw your attention to “Saturday” and “I’ll Call You Back”, two that I personally like.

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