La Diada de Catalunya

I was going to write a long post explaining the history of “La Diada“, Catalonia’s national day, but it seems that this Swedish gentleman whose Catalan (and perhaps English) is infinitely better than mine has already beaten me to it. So why re-invent the wheel? Suffice to say, although September 11th is, for the United States, a time of sadness and remembrance, at the same time another part of the world marks the date with its own sense of sadness and remembrance, but also, ultimately, of triumph and survival in the face of aggression.

The following foto is of a window bench in my house, and I wanted to show it because it features throw pillows of three favourite characters from the Catalan bestiary, often trotted out at festivals. From left to right we see L’Àliga (the Eagle); La Mulassa (a female mule); and peeping out from behind the Royal Arms of Barcelona, La Tarasca (which was a sort of monster). Sadly, there is not a tremendous amount of information in English about these interesting characters, but if you want to try your hand at Catalan you may find some interesting information about medieval folklore.

4 thoughts on “La Diada de Catalunya

  1. >Cheers! They have a great deal of information on that site about the Gegants and the giant dancing heads as well. I love seeing those things when you are in Barcelona, it is like walking through a Bosch painting.


  2. >The fact that the Diada coincides with 9-11 is a tough thing for me. Since 2001, I have not been able to share the pride of being a Catalan with my American friends on that specific day, out of respect. The good thing is that I can share that pride during the rest of the year.


  3. >Ian, I think that people have to remember that life goes on. It is still too raw for many, and certainly in America this will be something that is commemorated regularly for quite some time yet. However that does not mean that you have to not commemorate La Diada – you just may have to do it in a more limited way if you are here.


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