>Barcelona Makes the Big Time

>You could have knocked me over when I glanced at the weather page of The Examiner today, on my way to grand jury duty. I checked out the local weather forecast, and then went to the “World” weather section, giving the forecasts for 44 cities around the globe. I noted how nice London was right now (partly cloudy and 62 degrees, lovely); and that Madrid didn’t look too bad for late summer at sunny and 82 degrees.

I have long been used to the fact that Barcelona does not appear on most newspapers’ world weather maps. So you can imagine my surprise when, out of long-ingrained habit, I happened to scan up through the listings and see, “Barcelona sunny and 82 degrees!!!” Now of course, this did not solve the larger problem – i.e. that I am not, at present, IN Barcelona – but still, it was quite a moment to ponder, this city which I love more than any other, has supplanted something else – Ankara? Medellin? – in at least one American newspaper. I could not be more pleased.

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