Stage of Exploration: The World of Steve Duncan

My friend Zan sends me the following. Duncan’s photographs are truly compelling, interesting takes on a world few of us get to see. Those who happen to be in the Washington, D.C. area in October should take the time to visit the show.

Guerilla Historian Steve Duncan has been honing his craft as an explorer and photographer for over ten years, documenting his love of urban history and indulging his fascination with the built environment in cities throughout the world. Gaining access to oft-forgotten, hidden or inaccessible places affords him an intimate relationship with the history of place, a history overlooked by the majority of a city’s inhabitants. For Duncan, photography is the bridge that allows the public to share his wonder at exploration and the thrill of discovery.

Duncan’s photographs grant the viewer a unique perspective on cities as entities. The images are a compelling testimony to the urban environment as dynamic and alive while the historical undertones imbue the photographs with personality.

On October 3rd, coinciding with the District of Columbia’s monthly First Friday Art Walks, the public is invited to a special one-day showing of Duncan’s international works titled, “Stage of Exploration: The World of Steve Duncan”.

The works will be hosted at: 2016 R St. NW, Washington D.C. from 5:00pm through 8:30pm in conjunction with a wine and cheese reception with the artist. The wine has been generously donated by Kalin Cellars. All works shown will be available for purchase.

About the Artist: Steve Duncan completed his education in Urban History at Columbia University and now lives and works primarily in New York City. His photographs have appeared in Resource Magazine, Men’s Journal, New York Underground, and his work featured by a variety of international news media as well as by the New York Times. His media credits also include hosting programs showcasing urban exploration on The Discovery Channel and The History Channel. He is working on a forthcoming book of photographs and history about the infrastructure of New York City. Much of Duncan’s work can be viewed on his website,

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