Thoughts from the Sickbed

I am home at my parents’ for the long holiday weekend, recovering from emergency wisdom teeth extraction that I had on Thursday afternoon, and thus had plenty of time yesterday to peer from beneath the blanket and watch the introduction of Gov. Sarah Palin into the American political conversation. If Senator McCain’s goal was to get socially conservative, practicing Catholics such as myself to take him seriously, then he has succeeded. I wrote in a previous blog post about the fact that I finally came to the conclusion that to stay home and note vote would be wrong under the present circumstances; that did not mean necessarily that I would vote for McCain. Now, at least, McCain has reached out to people like me, and I would be wrong not to pay closer attention to his and Gov. Palin’s ticket from now on.

While I would have liked a running mate with more foreign policy experience, one does have to ask how much foreign policy experience other Vice-Presidents or even Presidents have had, before coming to the Oval Office or the Executive Office Building across the yard. Not everyone who is a policy wonk has turned out to have foreign policy skills – Bill Clinton and his many horrific foreign policy failings being a shining example of same. Moreover, the thought of a President Obama sitting down to to tea with Raul Castro makes me want to reach for my oxycodone.

While I am not completely converted to voting for McCain, whom I definitely do not like, I do feel that Gov. Palin brings a great deal of excitement and possibilities to the ticket, and I am going to be watching closely over the next several weeks to see how she holds herself during this grueling run-up to November.


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