A Beginning

Thank you for visiting this blog. Though I am new to blogging, I am not a neophyte when it comes to publishing my writing on the web. For a number of years, in fact, I maintained my own website where I published my reviews, criticism, essays, short stories, and poetry.

Life intervened for awhile, as it often does, and that burning desire to write, while never fully extinguished, was down to little more than a flicker. When one writes rather a lot for a living, which is about 75% of what I do as an attorney, it is often difficult to find the enthusiasm to write in any available free time. However, if the impetus to write is great enough, that impulse will usually make a way; such is the case here.

Whether you, kind reader, choose to view these postings as those of a polymath, or a dilettante, is entirely up to you. My goal is that of the great Baldassare Castiglione, Count of Novellata, whose hands (from his portrait by Raphael) appear as the logo of this blog. In his “Book of the Courtier”, which of course was the inspiration for the title of this blog, Castiglione advocates that one adopt a graciousness and belief in the importance of learning, good manners, piety, and personal accomplishments which he terms “sprezzatura”:

Employ in everything a certain casualness which conceals art and creates the impression that what is done and said is accomplished without effort and without its being thought about. It is from this, in my opinion, that grace largely derives.

One of the goals my parents always impressed upon me was that of being able to converse with anyone, from any walk of life, about virtually any subject, as an important goal of the Christian gentleman. Such is my hope in the writing of this blog, as well. I hope, in the process, to become as much an ongoing student of life as anything else.


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