The Faithful Traveler – On Your Radio!

I’m extremely pleased to share with you that my dear friend Diana von Glahn – aka The Faithful Traveler – now has her own daily radio show! You can hear Diana on Monday thru Friday at 11am on RealLife Radio, streaming online wherever you happen to be. You can also listen on-air if you’re in the Lexington, Kentucky area on 94.9 FM and 1380 AM. Missed a show? You can catch the podcast version on Diana’s site, via iTunes, or the RealLife Radio site. And on the RLR site, you can learn about their other programming from people whom you may already know from the writing world, like Elizabeth Scalia and Allison Gingras.

If you’ve seen her on television or DVD’s, or heard her on other radio shows and podcasts, you know that Diana has a knack for this sort of thing. She is bubbly and a lot of fun, but can also quickly get to the heart of a serious matter being discussed. (It’s all that piercing legal analysis Diana and I learned at the knee of the late, great Dr. Charlie Rice at Notre Dame Law School.) And each week, in addition to special guests, Diana will have some great regulars: her husband and Faithful Traveler co-creator David von Glahn; Denise Bossert; Jeff Young, aka The Catholic Foodie; Amy Wellborn; and Jerome Robbins, many of whom may already be familiar to you.

If you like what you hear, be sure to consider two things. First, make a donation, since things like bandwidth and hosting do not come free, even if the download does! Second, go leave a positive review on iTunes or through Diana or RealLife Radio’s sites, so that they know you’re listening and enjoying the program. As content producers, we all live and die by feedback, so even if you just want to say “Great job!”, your comments are unbelievably welcome. Thanks!


>(Not) Chewing the Fat

>In the evenings before bed, I often listen to podcasts from sites such as EWTN, SQPN, and Librivox. However on Sunday evenings after “Masterpiece Theatre”, I turn to WAMU 88.5 FM here in Washington, D.C. for my evening’s entertainment. From 7:00 pm to 11:00pm Ed Walker hosts “The Big Broadcast“, featuring recordings of classic radio plays, variety shows, and so on from the 1930’s through the 1960’s.

Last evening I enjoyed a detective serial from the spring of 1951, sponsored by Kraft Foods. The announcer took intervals during the story to push Velveeta processed cheese. During one of these breaks, he noted that Velveeta was a good source of milk products for the busy mother, “which is so important now that it’s Lent.” When was the last time you heard someone remind you of the liturgical season on commercial radio?

For Advent of course, Catholics do not have to fast or abstain from meat, and given the number of Christmas parties most of us either want or have to attend over the next several weeks, this is probably a good thing. At the same time however, it might be good to make a little sacrifice for yourself as we enter the new liturgical year this Sunday after Thanksgiving. Perhaps we can hold off on eating Christmas candy until Christmas actually arrives, or limit ourselves at Christmas parties taking place before Christmas to not eating any cakes or sweets. Not only would this be better for our saturated fat intake, but it would also make the 12 days of Christmas a bit more meaningful.