Gifts To Give Each Other on Anniversary

Gifts To Give Each Other on Anniversary

An anniversary is important for a couple. It is a lovely reminder to them of their commitment, love, and memories they fondly share with each other. On the anniversary, there is a tradition of giving gifts to a couple of the honour as a token of one’s best wishes for the day and blessings for coming years. A new trend calls for giving gifts to each other. It’s your special day and to make your partner feel loved like a year or years ago when you decide to become one; you should give gifts to each other. If you are asking us what gift would be ideal for my wife/husband, read the list below to make your pick.

  • Personalised Bouquet: You proposed your partner with a bouquet of roses as it is the flower of love. After making cherishable memories as a married couple for a year(s), a personalised gifts online the gift your partner deserves. Get the bouquet designed with mushy pictures, chocolates, and teddy bears. You can add love stickers to the bouquet as well. Your partner will love to keep it beside her/his bed forever.
  • Love Gift Box: Girls love all things cute and lovely. Anniversary is the perfect time to give them something equally adorable as her. A heart-shaped box filled with a golden rose, heart-shaped chocolates, a teddy doll, rose flowers will act as a token of love and romance.
  • Personalised Passport Holders: For expressing the thought of “ I want to love in you every country” personalised passport holder is the ideal gift. Choose two identical passport holders and get it customised with your names and choice of charm. Passport holders have spaces for cards and cash doubling up as wallets. A useful gift for men, who is a self-proclaimed wanderlust also.
  • Forever Rose: A flower more beautiful than a rose is a forever rose. Forever roses are cultivated in a manner to make them last for a year or more. The pretty colours in which they come like hot pink, ivory white, orange, navy blue, light blue makes them highly attractive as anniversary gifts. Forever roses come encased in acrylic transparent boxes and can be adorned in the home as decor pieces.

Gifts on Anniversary

  • Greeting cards: If you find plain greeting cards a traditional gift to give. Pick 3D, handmade, popup, or personalised greeting cards for gifting on anniversary. Pen down a few words of love for your partner, seal the envelope with a kiss or wax seal lamp. We bet, no gift can match up to the emotional quotient of a greeting card. Your partner will read it a thousand times till every word is etched in her/his heart deeply.
  • Flower & Cake Combo: Flowers and cakes are essential to anniversary celebrations. Set the mood for the day right with this gift combo. Choose your partner’s favourite cake flavour and flowers. Make a romantic gesture with roses and chocolate cake, express love with carnations, butterscotch cake and teddy.
  • Gift Boxes: Make your partner unbox love and happiness. Extend a gift box replete with a chocolate bar, perfume, coffee mug, message card for him and chocolates, earrings, love note for her. You can customise the tokens inside the box as per your taste.
  • Love Dolls: Recreate the same old love magic and share some kisses by gifting your partner a pair of love dolls. Love dolls come in many forms, some holding a heart, while some seen indulging in romantic gestures. Choose the one that you think would be appropriate for you and your partner.

Some traditions are beautiful like this one because love is all we need. Keep giving love and gifts to each other.